Based in Singapore, we offer various top visualization services for every industry’s needs. We provide all sorts of visualization solutions that will bring a touch of reality into projects and products, putting forth a vital marketing advantage for our clients, turning their bold visions into breath-taking realities.

TeamE embraces and explores the application of new technologies, putting us at the forefront among creative and visualisation consultancies. Our expertise in visualization has crossed international borders, establishing our name as a global leading firm.


Our Services

Using the latest technology and sophisticated techniques, our visualization solutions will satisfy all visual aspects of your ideas.

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Architectural Visualization

Our high-quality and multifaceted visual renderings are produced with a combination of sophisticated technology & art to bring your architectural designs closer to reality. 

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3D Animation

Our thoughtfully interpreted 3D high-definition videos will convey an experiential visual element of your project to your audiences. 

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Scale Model

Our precise architectural models are made to scale, along with its displays and presentations that will bring your architectural visions to life.

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Product & Furniture Modeling

We create detailed 3D furniture models, allowing designers, producers and retailers to get detailed insights into features of furniture items.

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