Amazing hidden door ideas for secret entrance

The design of a door will influence the overall visual effect especially when the space is limited. Hidden door is the best solution to enhance the visual effect with creativity. It achieves a balance between a sense of space, function and practicality through the visual design of the unified aspect and the overall wall shape.

Interior Bedroom Render

Hidden door is a fashionable design for interior space. It has no handles, no door frames, and no keyholes, which often gives people the illusion of “doorless”.

Creating private space, achieving space separation, and highlighting decorative function are the three basic features of a hidden door. However, it requires high standards of craftsmanship, posing a great challenge for designers and woodworkers.

In this article, we will explore hidden door in 3 ways.

In this article, we will explore the fantastic hidden door in 3 ways:

 1. When do we need hidden doors?

1.1 Dividing public and private space

The hidden door is the best idea to prevent visitors from entering to your private space, such as the lounge in the study room or the walk in wardrobe in your bedroom.

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1.2 Toilet facing the entrance door or bedroom

This is usually the result of layout flaws and people want to amend it due to the “feng shui” reason. Or if you simply do not like the visual effect, you can put a hidden door to improve the shortcomings.

Living Room rendering
Living Room rendering
1.3 Keeping the completeness of a wall

If you want to add a little touch to the wall, a hidden door without frame and handle can help achieve the visual effect without destroying the wall completeness.

Interior Living Room Render
Interior Living Room Render
1.4 Secret Space

This is a room where people keep their valuables safely.

 2. Types of hidden doors

There are various types of hidden doors for different spatial areas and purposes.

2.1 Paneled Hidden Door

Hidden door in paneled door is the most common form of hidden door. The hinge is installed on the front of the door where you can open the door inward or outward. It is suitable for various functional spaces such as bedrooms, study rooms, storage rooms, etc.

Interior Living Room Render
Interior Living Room Render

The brilliance behind a hidden paneled door is that you could be staring right at it and not know it is even there.  The wall looks like a continuous wall with no breaks to create an integrated visual effect between the hidden door and the background wall.

2.2 Concealed sliding door

The light design of a concealed sliding door helps divide the living room space and retain the openness of the space as much as possible at the same time. It is usually used in the design of small apartments.

The light design of a concealed sliding door helps divide the living room space and retain the openness of the space as much as possible at the same time. It is usually used in the design of small apartments.

2.3  Concealed sliding door

Revolving hidden door takes up more space than the rest. Revolving hidden door is usually used in large space such as villas and mansions. It has the functions of a door, space partition and artistic feature. The visual effect of it is the best.

2.4  Concealed sliding door

Many hidden doors are built behind the cabinet. Not only for storage purpose, the hidden door can blend beautifully into your kitchen or dining room in an easy way.

3. Design for hidden doors

How to find the best hidden door for you ? The best way is to take the similar projects for comparison and references. We are going to show you some hidden doors design and ideas according to the different spatial situations below.

3.1  Concealed sliding door

TV is usually the focus for many families. Therefore, a TV wall is indispensable at home.

The TV wall can be combined with the hidden door elegantly. The door is hidden on the edge of the TV wall controlled by a device without a handle to maintain a simple and elegant visual effect.

3.2  Hidden door on sofa wall

If the door is installed on the wall of the sofa, you can use the wood veneer to make a hidden door to create a unified and tidy space to achieve an overall harmonious and beautiful visual effect.

3.3  Hidden door in bedroom

The demand for a hidden door is generally less in bedroom as it is a private space. The existence of the door does not affect the visual sense too much.

If you want to design your bedroom with style, you can combine the hidden door with a wardrobe or wood veneer.

3.4  Hidden door in bathroom

In feng shui aspect, bathroom should not directly face to the entrance door, bedroom door, kitchen door or even the living room.

However, it is troublesome to renovate the entire space. In this way, changing the bathroom door to a hidden door is the most effective and easy way to solve the problem and avoid all kinds of embarrassment.

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